League Rules

County League Rules 2019.20





1.1            The League shall be called the Northamptonshire Womens’ Hockey League and be divided into two (2) Divisions.



2.1         The League organisation shall be undertaken by a League Committee approved by the County.


2.2         The Honorary League Secretary shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting of the NCWHA. Each club must be represented at this AGM; failure to do so will result in a fine as decided by the League Committee.




3.1           Each team will play all other teams in its division in accordance with fixture lists prepared and published by the League Committee.  




4.1           Each Club shall pay to the Honorary County Treasurer an annual fee as determined by the County Committee. Payments must be made by a date prior to the commencement of the League, as agreed by the County Committee each year.




5.1           Points awarded for games shall be:

  • Win:    3 points
  • Draw:  1 point

5.2        In the event of teams having equal points, League positions will be decided by:

  • Goal Difference; if equal then
  • Higher/Highest number of goals scored; if equal then
  • Lower/Lowest number of goals conceded; if equal then
  • A play-off between the teams concerned.


5.3   A play-off will only be necessary to decide promotion or relegation positions. All arrangements for this will be made by the County Committee


5.4  The bottom team from Division 1 will be relegated and the top team from Division 2 will be promoted.

The team finishing second from bottom in Division 1 will be offered a playoff versus the team finishing second in Division 2 for a position in Division 1. The playoff process will be overseen by the League Committee


5.5   Any team/club wishing to enter or withdraw from the League must notify the Hon. League Secretary in writing by March 1st.


5.6   Withdrawal by a team from the Northants league during the season will incur a £50 fine.





6.1       Home teams must confirm with their opponents fourteen (14) days before the event.           Details required are:

  • Venue and directions to ground.


  • Start time.


  • Team colours; away team to change if any clash.


  • Cancellation numbers should be exchanged to enable either team to check on/cancel a game.


  • Visiting teams cancelling a fixture within seventy two (72) hours of the start of the game will be liable for all costs.





7.1  This will apply as directed by England Hockey.



8.1       The home team should:   

Make sure a Club member is responsible for welcoming the visiting team and umpires and for showing them the changing facilities.


  • After the match thank the visiting team and umpires and let them know the arrangements for refreshments.


  • Look after the visiting team and umpires until their departure.


  • Provide some sort of refreshment at the conclusion of the game, even if it is only a cold drink and biscuits.


8.2     The away  team should:

  • Inform the home team  before the day of the match if they do not intend to stay for refreshments.


8.3      Both teams should:

  • Be on the pitch/ready to enter the playing area with Captains ready to toss at least 10 minutes prior to the designated start time.




9.1     Postponements may only occur if adverse weather conditions make play or travel impossible. The Hon. League Secretary must be informed of this.


9.2     Any postponed match must be played on the first available slip date. The slip dates are confirmed with the following season’s league dates and are sent out to all clubs well before the season begins. The League Secretary must be informed of when the postponed match is to be played.




                Division 1


10.1   Each team must provide an umpire of at least Level One status for each match and that umpire shall umpire for the duration of the match (except for injury). In the case of genuine injury during a match any suitable substitute umpire shall be provided.


Division 2


10.2   Each team must provide an umpire for each match and that umpire shall umpire for the duration of a match (except for injury). If a team cannot provide an umpire then a player from that team must officiate for the duration of the match, even if the team plays short. In the event of a game going ahead with only one umpire, it is the responsibility of the captain of the non-offending team to ensure that the words  “NO UMPIRE” are filled in the space left on the result sheet for the umpire’s signature.


10.3     In the event of a team failing to provide a suitable umpire as above then the offending team will be deemed to have lost the game 0-3, unless they lost the game  concerned  by a greater margin, in  which case  the actual  result will stand. The offending team will also be fined £10 (ten pounds) and have  one (1)  point deducted. Subsequent breaches of the rule will result in a doubling of the previous monetary fine.


10.4      Umpires must note all cards issued, and their reasons for doing so, on the reverse of the result sheet in the grid provided.


10.5      The County Discipline Administrator must be notified of all red cards issued and the relevant paperwork must be completed and sent to the C.D.A.


10.6       In the event of a red card being issued the offending team will be fined £30 in accordance with Midlands ruling.


10.7       Umpires shall endeavour to ensure matches start on time.




11.1    Players participating in the League shall be fully paid up members of their Club.


11.2    The completed Registration Forms (including each player’s signature) must be returned to the Hon. League Secretary to arrive before the first league game of the season. Failure to do so will result in a £30 fine for the offending Club.


11.3     Players must be thirteen (13) years of age or above.


11.4     Players may be registered to one Club only.


11.5     Additional players may be added to the result sheet but must be clearly marked “New Registration”. Such players must also sign on the reverse of the result sheet in       the grid provided.


11.6    No player may register for more than one NCWHA club (registration continues into the close season) until the transfer process is complete.


11.7     Transfers to be carried out via email both during and between seasons. Destination club must email departure club and ask them to approve the transfer. The Hon. League secretary must be copied into all emails relating to the transfer. The player in question cannot play for the destination club until the procedure is complete.


11.8     Transfers will not be permitted during the period March 1st to May 31st inclusive.


11.9     As a matter of courtesy, any transfer involving a player who is under the age of 19 on 1st September of the relevant season should begin with an approach to that player’s present Club Committee.


11.10    Where a Club runs two or more teams, players from the higher teams will be starred once they have played two thirds of the season’s league matches (e.g. if there are 18 matches in a season, a player would be starred at 12 accumulated matches). There will be no starring reset at Christmas


11.11    Players shall not be allowed to play for more than one (1) League (County, Regional or higher) team on the same day. In the event of the second fixture being a County league game then that team shall be penalised, following rule 11.13


11.12       If a  starred  player  does not  appear on  a  team  sheet  for   six  (6)  consecutive league games owing to injury or illness, then that player, through their Club,                may apply to the Committee to become unstarred and another player be starred in their place.


11.13       If any of the above rules are broken then the offending team will be deemed to have lost the game  3-0 unless they lost the game concerned by a greater                margin, in which case the actual result will stand. The offending team will  also be fined £10  (ten pounds) and have one (1) deducted. Subsequent             breaches of these rules will result in a doubling of the previous monetary fine.





12.1         All matches to be played in accordance with the F.I.H. hockey rules or as laid down by English Hockey.


12.2         All matches to be played on dates agreed by the League Committee.


12.3         All matches to be played on a synthetic grass pitch arranged by the first named team and to commence no earlier than 10.00 and no later than 16.30.


12.4         Should the first named team experience difficulty in booking a suitable venue they shall invite their opponents to offer facilities, though all expenses incurred remain the responsibility of the first named team.


12.5         If a pitch is unavailable to either side on the Saturday then it may be possible to play on the Sunday provided that a minimum of four (4) weeks’ notice is given. The Hon. League Secretary must be informed of this in writing with the same notice given.


12.6          Any team conceding a fixture immediately prior to the fixture being played but continuing to play it as a friendly fixture will forfeit the game 3-0 and have three (3) points deducted; they will not be fined.                            

Any team failing to fulfil a fixture will be fined £10 (ten pounds) in addition to forfeiting the game and having three (3)  points deducted. Subsequent breaches of the rule will result in a doubling of the previous monetary fine. The offending team will also be liable for all costs.


12.7         Any club (with more than one team) needing to concede a league fixture must notify the Hon. League Secretary and concede the lower team fixture. Failure to do so will result in a £30 fine.


12.8         The league committee shall review any team’s position in the League where that team has repeatedly failed to fulfil a league fixture and/or frequently breached league rules.




13.1      Northants League:

             The completed team sheets should be handed to the umpires before the start of the game. Both captains and umpires must sign the sheets. It is the responsibility of   each captain to ensure their own sheet is completed. Each team is responsible for forwarding their completed sheet to the Hon. League Secretary by the Thursday following the match. The home team captain should telephone the result to the Hon. League Secretary before 21.00 on the day of the game to enable results and league tables to be emailed each week.


13.2         If a team fails to send in a team sheet (on time) on more than one occasion or fails to telephone through the result on more than one occasion they will be fined £30 (thirty pounds) and have one (1) point deducted for the second and any subsequent offence.


13.3         Midlands League (or higher):

Each team is responsible for forwarding a copy of their completed team sheet to the Northants Hon. League Secretary by the Friday following the match.


13.4         If a team fails to send in a team sheet (on time) on more than one occasion they will be fined £30 (thirty pounds) for the second and any subsequent offence.




14.1          Any player or Club shall have the right to appeal to the League Committee (players shall appeal through their Club) on any disputed point, except on the field of play where the decision of the umpire is final. A Club has the right to appeal within seven (7) days of receipt of notification of a fine/penalty.


14.2         The decision of the Committee is final.





15.1         The winner of Northants League Division 1 will be  given the opportunity to be promoted into the Midlands Feeder League.





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